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this community is all about el paso music, film, art, and video games.

1. this community is for EVERYONE, and everyone is welcome here. make them feel that way.

2. ANY kind of pointless insulting, bashing, etc. will NOT be tolerated, unless it is clearly constructive criticism. granted, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this community is meant to help people out, not tear them apart.

3. please keep posts relevant to the community. it's a pretty open subject, so this really shouldn't be an issue. (this means no posts like "i am so bored, so i decided to just post something in here, blah blah blah.")

4. PlEaSe Do NoT tYpE Like ThIs oR be aLl OMG!!!!111111LOLLLLLLLZZZZZZ U R LIK< SO KOOLx!?!? (in other words, please type "normally" and don't use lame abbreviations. it's annoying as hell.)

5. do NOT post things like "oh, i have no friends, please add me on your friend's list". if this community works out the way it's supposed to, there should be no need for that.

6. I WANT YOU TO PROMOTE YOUR BAND/SHOW/ART HERE! i can even offer free image hosting of up to 1 week for flyers if needed. all you have to do is ask: glittergreenbean@msn.com (please note there are some restrictions, such as file size, etc.)

send me any pictures, drawings, etc. and i'll use them for backgrounds or icons for the community! (full credit will be given to you.